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Studies show that those who struggle with a mental health disorder are more likely to get addicted to drugs or alcohol. It’s because they are sober house more likely to self-medicate with alcohol and may use it as a depressant. Or, they may use it to numb any pain that they may be experiencing.

What’s the Difference Between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction?

The last and final stage consists of a complete loss of control over drinking alcohol. At this point, the person feels that they must drink to go about their day. Their body physically needs the presence of alcohol in their system to function or feel normal.

While each person is unique, there are some typical stages that many struggling with drinking go through. Morton Jellinek in the 1950s, the Jellinek Curve describes and details these, illustrating how alcoholism progresses for most of those with the disease. The chart also shows how alcohol addiction becomes a vicious cycle that continually repeats unless the person attempts to break the cycle by seeking help. The person may have already tried to stop drinking multiple times with little to no success. Drinking is no longer just for social occasions; it becomes an all-day activity.

Middle Stage of Alcoholism

Your treatment setting will depend on your stage of recovery and the severity of your illness. You may need inpatient medical (hospital), residential rehabilitation (rehab), outpatient intensive therapy or outpatient maintenance. Get professional help from an online addiction and mental health counselor from BetterHelp. The third stage is excessive use of alcohol, where both tolerance and frequency of use are considerably high. Physical illness, missing work, social isolation, and an inability to discontinue use without experiencing withdrawal effects occur. This may be because they are scared themselves, embarrassed, don’t feel they have time or resources to put aside regular obligations, or any multitude of reasons.

The early stage of alcoholism begins when the individuals increase their patterns of drinking. This can be defined as drinking more than usual as well as in larger quantities. The earliest stage of alcoholism often begins with an increased pattern of drinking. This can mean drinking more frequently, as well as drinking larger quantities of alcohol. Binge drinking, which involves having multiple drinks within a small window, is a common initial sign of a drinking problem. Each stage has its own signs and symptoms to look out for; both mild to severe.

Finding Detox and Treatment

It is important to note that alcohol abuse can be treated at any stage. While some people believe that a person must hit rock bottom to be successful in treatment, this is a harmful and dangerous myth. Once someone is abusing alcohol to cope with their emotions, they are in the beginning stages of psychological dependency. This means that they are becoming dependent on alcohol to solve their emotional, social, and behavioral issues. Some individuals begin self-medicating their problems with alcohol. This blog is for informational purposes only and should not be a substitute for medical advice.

alcoholism stages

This means that they require more and more of the substance to feel an effect. Every case of alcoholism begins somewhere, and that includes some of the more subtle symptoms described in the early stages of problem drinking. Not all early symptoms of alcoholism are life-threatening but can still be a cause for concern. Recovery begins with getting the alcohol out of the patient’s system.

The more symptoms a person experiences, the further their alcoholism has progressed. Connect with a licensed therapist for porn addiction and mental health counseling. Sadly, many people use alcohol to heal trauma, for courage in areas where they are insecure, or in combination with other drugs. These unhealthy coping mechanisms only complicate and worsen an alcohol use disorder. Understanding all the nuances of treatment is why a person should consider it worth the time and effort of a program. It is not a weakness to get assistance because substance use disorder is a complex issue.

Your eyes and skin may begin to yellow (a sign of liver disease), and you may get sick more often than before. Your liver and pancreas may also suffer the consequences of so much alcohol, increasing your likelihood of liver disease and even cancer. If you have a drinking problem, it’s easy for you to slip into the early stages of alcoholism.

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